Dragon Fruit SA - cultivating a super food

About Us

Growers of Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit plants are fairly easy to grow and as long as they have a solid support structure, they will mature.  There are many benefits to Dragon Fruit besides being a delicious fruit to eat.  They are whats known as a “superfood“, which is defined as a food source that is rich in compounds which are considered to be beneficial to a persons health.

We are a small business based in George along the Garden Route where we slowly and lovingly grow and cultivate Dragon Fruit.

We are passionate about health and healthy living, and would like to encourage a wider knowledge of this deliciously healthy super food.

After 3 years in the making we are now in a position to distribute and teach others on how to grow and maintain a Dragon Fruit plant.

It gives us great pleasure to contribute to the community knowledge and experience on Dragon Fruit

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